Welcome to Phonics By Phone. This is a series of world firsts.  It’s the first-ever comprehensive programme that trains teachers (and parents) to teach reading using phonics systematically – as tried and tested over many years by Phonics International. And it’s the first-ever literacy training programme available to download from the internet on a mobile phone. Not just on the latest smart phones – but even on basic feature phones, which are all many teachers’ budgets will allow for. And best of all, it’s completely free.

PhonicsByPhone.org has been developed from scratch by Educators International.   It’s a library of teaching units in audio format, spoken with a clear English accent, that can be easily downloaded onto a phone.  Together these units form a complete training course for teachers in the use of phonics – which is proven to be the best way to teach every child in every class to read and write. It provides the perfect link between the child’s mother tongue and English.

This is not a one-off piece of training.  The 108 learning units make up a full course. They link to our alphabetic code chart. The site includes fast feedback mechanisms, enabling teachers to ask questions and seek advice. Joining the links you up with a community of teachers, all sharing the same aim: to enable every child in the country to read and write fluently and confidently

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